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More space in Amsterdam-Noord

Starting this October, for 3 months I will be a guest practitioner at Noord Straalt! Like Rumah Yoga a wonderful center where a variety of therapies and workshops is offered. Just next to NDSM so easily reached with public…

Sjamanisme & Acupunctuur
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Shamanism & Acupuncture part 3

As described in an earlier (Dutch) post, in Chinese philosophy (and medicine) we talk about the term Heaven, Man & Earth. In which we are a connection, a vessel between the two polarities and we form a unity with…

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Old dogma, new tricks

Never ceases to amaze: How we can force ourselves into habits and stick to them for years or even decades. Sometimes routines can be handy, but in most cases we hold on to dogmas on which the opinions and…

sjamanisme & acupunctuur deel 2
Acupunctuur English blogs Life

Shamanism & acupuncture part 2

A follow up and a parallel. Acupuncturist, Shaman, Healer; so what are you and what do you do? Some people might wonder after my previous post, showing my interest in shamanism. Don’t be confused because in the end it…

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Itzhak Beery (En.)

Shamanism & Acupuncture part 1 Although many acupuncturists and those fond of ‘sciencing up oriental traditions’ don’t like to be associated with it, acupuncture has its roots in shamanism. More than that, the ancient Chinese character for medicine even…

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Rotterdam Clinic is moving

After having my acupuncture clinic for 13 years in Rotterdam on the Bierstraat 103, time has come for something new. A new spring, a new structure and location. From May onwards, I will have my clinic in Centrum Djoj…