January Acupuncture offer

To support your new year’s resolutions concerning health well-being and happiness, there is a special offer in January.

As most people know I offer a 5-session card, with which you pay € 78 instead of the regular rate of € 98.

This card is available all year for € 390, but when you buy this card in January you get an extra benefit. After these 5 treatments you also pay € 78 instead of € 98 for consecutive treatments in the first half year (so until Juli 1st 2019). So for all long time clients and all those who are planning to come in on a regular basis a great opportunity!

Alright, as a reminder here are the normal existing conditions of the session card:

  • Payment of the session card is only possible by paying the full amount

  • A 5-sessions card is personal and cannot be transferred to another person

  • The card and the rate are valid when the payment is processed

  • You will receive an invoice of € 78,- per treatment (which is already paid)

  • The card is valid in the calendar year that you buy one

  • Treatments that you do not use are not returnable or refundable

An appointment which is not cancelled in time will be seen as a treatment and be deducted from the remaining treatments

Interested? E-mail me fo a payment link (or questions) on acupuncturist.contact@gmail.com or whatsapp/message me on +31-6-16936974, mentioning first and last name, date of birth and full address when you are not registered yet at the clinic.

Important, this offer is only valid when you buy the session card in January. After that, not anymore. Good to know for new comers in Rotterdam: Only on Fridays I am in the Rotterdam clinic. In Amsterdam there is availabiltiy on more days.

Also see the prices and reimbursement page.

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