Water weekend


15 years ago I attended a seminar Chinese medicine and the context of Dreaming with Josef Müller. Last weekend was a nice reunion with this experienced Swiss teacher during the 2-day seminar Spiritual Anatomy of the Meridian system - An indepth exploration of all points on each meridian in 5 weekends. Next to that it is always great to see a few close colleagues again.

The first weekend was centered around the Kidney and Bladder; the Water phase. And Water is really ‘my element’. A deep connection. I recognize the qualities, but certainly the other side too. One does not exist without the other. Denial is pointless.

Continuing education and literature are not limited to just fill up your clinical toolbox, aimed at your clients. For me for to a great extent it’s also about my own growth and development. Personal. Spiritual. A smile, inspiration and insights. How fortunate that, despite Josef’s own preference, Water was the first weekend. When given a short description it sometimes feels like a leap of faith. But almost always I bring home treasures. Inspiration to sink in, points to experience myself.

Yes, of course I ‘treat’ myself. How can I promote the power of Acupuncture if I don’t apply it on myself? So I more than happily experience a certain flow (or the lack of it) after some self-needling sessions. Meditate along the rivers of my inner landscape and observe the manifestations which flow from that. A substantial part of joy for my profession.

As mentioned in the subtitle; all points on every meridian. The Bladder with most points of all: 67. Add to that 27 points of the Kidney meridian and you got a weekend filled with a lot of words and writing. Lovely to close off the weekend with floating along on the sounds of Lavinia Meijer’s harp. An evening in Tivoli Utrecht drenched with water elements. Synchronicity or perception? Inspiration and ideas from multi-dimensional wells. And at the same time so universal.

Josef Müller started the weekend with the following quote: “The body is the shadow of the mind”. More than once during the concert I watch the shadow of the harp and the artist. Everything but a vacuum Lavinia. Heavenly sounds emerge from emptiness. The stillness fills the composition, and harmony.


See Lavinia Meijer’s website http://www.laviniameijer.com/concerts/ for the Untitled 1 concert tour and other performances.

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