Shamanism & acupuncture part 2


A follow up and a parallel. Acupuncturist, Shaman, Healer; so what are you and what do you do? Some people might wonder after my previous post, showing my interest in shamanism. Don’t be confused because in the end it is just a name or label. If you want to call me Shaman, that is perfectly fine for me. I’m honored actually (without claiming lineage or showing certification). My business card however will still mention Acupuncturist. A healer? Yes, but that be a confusing label. I would rather call it Healing witness or someone who triggers healing. But any word will have different resonance for everyone.

Jeffrey Yuen, a famous Chinese medicine practicioner, scholar and master of several Daoist medicine and martial arts lineages, clearly acknowledges Shamanism as its origins and calls it an unintellectual form of healing. In this modern analytical age I’m sure that phrase will come off as a negative thing, maybe even an insult. But it’s not meant that way at all. Because next to our brain, don’t we have a heart? Dont we work with feeling/sensing and intuition? Yuen furthermore states: “Jing has a great capacity to create or heal”.

In Chinese Medicine, Jing (from the 3 treasures Jing, Qi & Shen) can be seen as our DNA or blueprint from the moment of conception. It contains our strenghts, our talents and is stored in our kidneys. So it is not strange that our capacity to heal can be inhibited by especially fear, the emotion related to the kidneys.

So let’s take a look at (Quantum) physics and the role of DNA and creating. In my essay on Awareness in Treatment (2013) i described an experiment where photones (subatomic particles that ‘form our world’) have a random formation when simply put in a vacuum tube. Now when DNA is added, the ohootone formation changes in a a certain structure. This is even maintained after the DNA string is removed.

So DNA has the capacity to influence our world. And what can influence our DNA? According to yet another experiment: Our feelings and emotions, our state of being! Even beyond so called boundaries of time & space (distance). Gregg Braden is a well-known author on Spirituality & Science. Among other great books he wrote The Divine Matrix in which he describes the experiments mentioned earlier. At one time he asks a TIbetan Abbot: “What is the element that connects us with the universe, eachother and the world?”. The abbot after some consideration answers: “ Compassion is what connects everything; it is both a universal force of creation and a human emotion”. Isn’t that wonderful? Compassion does not judge. In ancient texts it is mentioned that to ‘archieve compassion’ one approaches a situation without strong expectations about the outcome of the situation.

To come back to Jeffrey Yuen, he too says it is or can be important to be neutral when we talk about healing (acupuncture/shamanism). Naturally I totally agree with that. Open awareness means that we are open to all possibilities, including what we sometimes call miracles. “No judgment. The Dao is sponanous”. Well, isn’t that what a witness is all about?

So in the end, let’s not allow our brain to get in the way. Yes whether as a Shaman or as an Acupuncturist, we see, we feel, read, diagnose, welcome and yes we trigger. But it is you who heals.

N.B. In 2017 I was fortunate to attend the Masterclass with Jeffrey Yuen on the Spirit of the Practitioner. Gregg Braden I 'admire' as an author, inspirator and as a person. I had the pleasure of meeting him in 2010 in Hilversum.